During the years that followed, Robert had the unique opportunity to perform on cruise ships that sailed the waters of the Far East. "I was able to visit places in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other regions of Asia learning about the customs, traditions and cultures of these exotic lands. I also became enamored with the melodic beauty of the Chinese music."

After securing a position as a resident pianist in a major hotel in Singapore, he recorded several piano albums emphasizing the sentimental and romantic nature of his favorite Chinese songs.

In 2000, Robert composed his first piano and orchestra piece entitled "The Great Wall Concerto". The grandeur and magnificence of China's Great Wall inspired him to create this impressive musical work.

Whether he is performing on TV, radio, or the stage as a concert artist or a popular pianist/composer, Robert never fails to captivate audiences in the U.S. and Asia with his entertaining musical programs.

In addition to managing WPI Records and composing new music for future albums, he lectures and performs for local events. When asked about his interest in music, Robert enthusiastically replies: "I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love most, and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to bring a little joy and happiness to listeners and fans of my music."

A native of Pennsylvania, Robert Van Horne began piano studies at the age of seven. He studied classical music at the Philadelphia Musical Academy, graduating with degrees in piano and education. Robert continued his musical education by concentrating on popular and jazz styles with extensive study in composing and improvisation. One of the most influential teachers during his musical training was the well-known jazz pianist/composer George Shearing.